How deep is your love?


Love, yes that word. The one we use hundreds of thousands of times in a lifetime and yet the one word that probably has a thousand different meanings and a thousand different ways to be misunderstood.

No one love is the same as any other; it just simply can’t be. Every person is so unique and different, the way that they feel and receive love is always different.
I don’t really know if everyone understands this; they often use the word hoping that it speaks volumes in itself and yet there are so many ways to love, to show it and feel it. Sometimes just saying the words are not enough.
For me love is an active thing, an active force in my life and one that needs feeding and taking care of. Its not a passive thing that can sit on the shelf and be taken out for special occasions. Love to me is something that needs taking care of in itself and its something I don’t understand in others unless they are able to show me. I can’t understand love just from the word; it doesn’t mean anything to me. Actions or understanding of how you love me; those are the keys to how I will feel it. It is both a mental understanding and a physical one. That is just how it works for me.
I am still trying to understand what is the perfect brand of love for me? Maybe there isn’t one and the way that I feel loved completely is to have different types of love in my life; like different colours of the same rainbow. Love from my family, from my pets, from a partner. They are all different and all important.
I like intense love; the kind that blows your shocks off and makes your heart beat faster.  I like to feel it intensively and to be given it intensely. I think that is why I choose to have just a few relationships in my life because I prefer less people but more intense feeling; more connection and more understanding. I know people struggle with this; my intensity but its something I adore about myself and I’m not willing to compromise.
Love for me is made up of so many different elements and qualities. It is not a thing in itself ‘love’ and when people say to me that love is the most important thing in life, its not that I disagree but to me there is more meaning to it.
Love to me is passion and patience, intensity and understanding. I don’t feel someone can love me if they don’t know the many different and varied parts of me. It doesn’t mean they have to love all parts of my life but they need to feel very passionate about most of them. Maybe that is when things go wrong, when someone loves you for only one part of you or maybe for who they want you to be rather than who you are. I have definitely found that. I don’t want to be loved for being cute or pretty, I want to be loved for my passion, for my mind and for my strong heart. I want to be loved for what I have achieved on a personal level not on how nice my eyes are or how long my hair is. That’s not to say I don’t want to be found attractive but not only for my physical features, it has to be for so much more than that.
Some people will not have the capacity to love you the way you need to be loved. They may never be able to show you or make you feel like you need to. We have to learn this about ourselves; what love we need and how we need to be loved. Not only by a partner but by everyone in our lives. There is nothing wrong with being honest with people about your needs; maybe you can help them understand their own more by being honest with them.
Love can be a very deep and meaningful thing but it needs understanding and it needs time and energy. We can create for ourselves such rich rivers of love that run through our lives or we can allow a small trickle that will always leave us feeling likes less.
So, how deep do you want your love to be and what brand of love suits you?